Here is the transcript of an article published (in French) in on June 25, 2019. This is an interview with Steph Legrand and Julien Péron, two of the founders of Supermoto Army.

The Supermoto Army brand has recently appeared on social networks and we wondered what it was. Two of its founders, Steph Legrand and Julien Péron, gave us an interview, and told us about their project, the team and the announcement of a new partnership.

17p: Hi guys, we’ve heard a lot about Supermoto Army lately. We would like to know more about it! To begin with, how did this project come about?

Steph: Well, first of all, it’s a project between three people, there are two of us but also Matthieu Pierron, who is also a motorcycle enthusiast. We have very different backgrounds but we wanted to do something together, and… there we are. For my part, I’ve been doing a lot of photography and communication on the tracks for quite a few years now, and I think that supermoto deserves to be much more visible. There’s a lot going on right now, and it’s great.

Julien: This project? it started from a discussion over a beer (laughs).

Steph: Yes, it’s also true – big trade secret (laughs)

Julien: for my part I run a supermoto club with friends, it’s through this that I met Steph, who has since joined us… Well of course I already knew him for his pictures, but not like now. We see each other often, so you know we talk a lot about supermot. As a result, Supermoto Army was born.

17p: All right! So what’s your project?

Steph: we wanted to promote supermoto in a different way. We were also looking for a way to show that we belong, no matter what the occasion.

Julien: What better way to answer that than with clothes – now, for most people, it’s an obvious way to identify themselves and stand out.

17p: so it’s a clothing brand?

Julien: There will be clothes and accessories, but it won’t be just that. It is really a way to get involved and develop activities around the supermoto community, for example on social networks.

Steph: we have other ideas, but now is not the time to talk about them yet. Supermoto Army is above all about people who live supermoto every day, whether it is us or the riders chosen to represent the brand.

17p: are these the “official riders”?

Julien: That’s right! We chose to work with a team of amazing people, with whom we have a great time – Alex, Baptiste, Flo, Mat and me. From the beginning, they were fully involved in the project. Everyone brings something different, their experience and personality.

And today, we are very proud to announce that Marc Schmidt will also be flying the Supermoto Army colors.

17p: Marc Schmidt?

Steph: Yes, yes. It’s really something very strong for us. Even if we are not only interested in competition, Marc is one of the most iconic riders at the moment. He is passionate and works hard to achieve his results. He does a lot for the image of supermoto. When we told him about our project, he was immediately very enthusiastic, and we are really very proud of his trust. Of course, in France we also have incredible riders, but we also wanted to go beyond our borders.

Julien: he is mostly young and has his own style. That’s what we love at Supermoto Army. What else do you want to say? Steph talks too much, we’ll do another interview, he’s full of resources. (laughs)

17p: Okay! Thank you and good luck!

See you soon on a supermoto or over a beer!

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